My Big Fat Head

Jodi Blase


Binge eating is a thing…My Big Fat Head

Do you like to eat? Pig out? Stuff your face? Shovel it in? Gulp? Guzzle? Devour?

Is food your go-to drug?

A binge eater for years, I stuffed my emotions1600999_789306234432288_1319257647_n down with food and buried them deep inside my stomach, constipating my being. When it was time to fess up and admit that binge eating exists, that I had it, and it’s an addictive disease, I was devastated. I mean, who wants to revoke one’s own food privileges? I could see where downing a bottle of scotch or hitting the bong on a daily basis would be problematic, but an intervention for eating too many Snickers? Come on.

Aw, crap.

My addiction of choice is food, and food worked well, until it didn’t. After years of struggling, I decided to get off the binge party train and was given the gift of sanity. Written in conversational tone with much humor, My Big Fat Head has given folks with a range of addictions – from eating to gambling to drinking to shopping – hope. I share the journey of my addiction, how it started unconsciously, grew incrementally, and then took on a life of its own. What I know now, and will be forever grateful for, would have caused me to cringe years ago – that mental, spiritual, and physical healing far surpasses that one bite, sip, or high.

My Novel…Damaged Goods

1395916_734344916595087_925999402_n Intense, heartwarming and other worldy, Damaged Goods combines the right amount of humor and hope with a darker, complex view of mortality, addiction, and the afterlife. Karen Sherburne is a single mother and workacholic whose husband’s death has left her with a wounded heart. When her teenage daughter, Meg, guilts her with a latchkey kid comment, Karen decides to cut back on her work hours for the sake of their relationship. Not long after her decision, Meg is murdered and everything that was good about Karen’s world shatters. In her grief, she becomes obsessed with finding the monster who stole her vivacious daughter’s life. Her mantra: find the killer; kill the killer.

In the interim, Karen returns to her workaholic lifestyle in an attempt to fill an unfathomable void. Unsure whether it’s poor judgment or keen determination to save someone like she couldn’t save Meg, Karen decides to adopt fifteen-year-old Frankie Ortiz, who she found beaten and abandoned while on a home visit. Frankie’s world transforms from tragic to idyllic, and he becomes an embodiment of creativity, his fine art work exhibited in local businesses. Just when Frankie thinks his life can’t get any better, he meets his soulmate, Kendra Bruno, a woman with her own secret past. 

As the lives of Karen, Frankie, and Kendra intersect, secrets are revealed and nothing is as it seems. When Karen finally discovers her daughter’s killer, her decision to follow through with her vengeance will impact her new family and the life that she spent years rebuilding.